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  • Luxury Travel Trends

Unveiling Luxury Travel Trends: Q&A with Gino Marasco, Managing Director of Hospitality

The world of luxury travel has witnessed significant shifts and transformations in recent years, driven by evolving traveler preferences, unique experiences, and a desire for personalized adventures. 

To gain insight into these emerging trends and what lies ahead in 2024, we had the privilege of speaking with Gino Marasco, Managing Director of Hospitality. Luxury villas, residences, and city suites within the Andiamo collection of distinctive properties are known for delivering both opulence and curated adventures and experiences. 


The Evolution of Luxury Travel

In recent years, the definition of luxury travel has evolved significantly. Today’s luxury travelers prioritize experiences over just visiting unique locations. Marasco emphasizes that it’s no longer just about the thrill of going to a unique location, it’s about immersing yourself in the local culture and lifestyle. For example, a trip to Hawai‘i is no longer just about lounging on the beach, but more about activities and experiences like hula lessons, surfing, lei making, and local-guided mountain hikes.


Exploring Emerging Luxury Destinations

Asia-Pacific and Australia/New Zealand are experiencing a strong resurgence in demand. Travelers, eager to explore these regions after a hiatus, are flocking to countries like Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines, or exploring destinations that don’t attract mass audiences, such as Kaua‘i, Jupiter, and Captiva Island.


The Rise of Immersive Experiences

As mentioned previously, one striking trend in luxury travel is the growing popularity of authentic and immersive experiences. Upscale luxury travelers now seek to engage with the local culture and culinary traditions in a way that goes beyond the usual sightseeing, being drawn to immersive experiences that are specific to the destination they are visiting.

Marasco mentioned that “culinary experiences continue to be top-of-mind for our guests – 70% of luxury travel agents have said that culinary offerings influence their clients’ decisions.”

Marasco also explained that activities like attending a pasta-making class with a renowned Italian chef or taking a pastry class with a French chef in Paris have been defining factors in the trend towards “acting like a local.” Rather than merely dining at an upscale restaurant, they now want to be involved in the entire process, from sourcing ingredients at a local farm to participating in winemaking at a vineyard.


Balancing Exclusivity and Luxury at Andiamo

Andiamo’s curated collection of luxury vacation rentals caters directly to affluent travelers seeking unique, local experiences, therefore positioning itself perfectly in the evolving luxury travel landscape. 

“From Kaua‘i to Tuscany to Vail, our special, unique locations strike a balance between luxury and off-the-beaten-path adventures, offering guests the best of both worlds.” – Gino Marasco

There is a fine balance to be met; Andiamo’s approach to staying competitive is to continue offering locally inspired programming tailored to each specific location while their bespoke accommodations with exclusive experiences and amenities ensure that guests create memories that last a lifetime.


Top Recommendations for Luxury Travelers in 2024

Marasco’s top recommendations for travelers in 2024 are to continue exploring and immersing themselves in the local culture during their visits. By enjoying the destination and the accommodations provided by Andiamo, guests can truly feel like they own the experience.

“Enjoy the destination AND the accommodations…as we say at Andiamo, no one needs to know you don’t own it.” – Gino Marasco